Seeking to publish books according to the Golden Rule of Christ.

The concept is that if we were an author, how would we want to be treated by a publisher. And, no, sorry apologies to any moochers reading this, that doesn't mean you have been given a wild-card to take advantage of us.

Like the character Jay Austin learns in the excellent Christian film, Flywheel [trailer], we believe that we can deliver a valuable service and still charge a fair and reasonable price.

Some specific things that this means:
* As an author, I worked had on my book and I like to know that my work is even being read.
    Therefore all submissions will be read (at least until we determine it is definitely not for us).
* As an author, I wish people would be considerate of my time and at least get back with me.
    Therefore we will ALWAYS notify the author in a timely manner of our decision, and also offer any constructive hints where possible.
* As an author, I worked hard on my book and am concerned about it being stolen.
    Therefore we will provide a signed non-disclosure agreement before requesting full manuscripts.
* As an author, getting a manuscript back covered in red ink is disheartening.
    Therefore, we will be as gentle and constructive as possible, yet always shoot straight with authors. It's far better to hear it from us than the critics!
* As an author, I don't want to be ripped off. (Fairly basic stuff here, folks.)
    Therefore, we will not charge exorbitant mark-up fees for services. (Other companies are really bad at this! Often times charging a 100X-500X mark-up for merely mailing in some paperwork!)
* As an author, I am uneasy with the risk of spending a lot of money up front to get my book published.
    Therefore we will attempt to keep start-up costs as low as possible and opt to be paid by percentage instead.
* As an author, I'm hesitant to risk money on advertising when I don't even know if it will work.
    Therefore, nearly all advertising will be done on a percentage-basis, thus paying for itself through increased sales.